Admissions procedure

Modern Language School’s commitment to student welfare and providing a top-notch education forms the bedrock of its growth and achievements. Throughout the years, Modern Language School has built a strong reputation for producing students who excel academically, making it an attractive choice for numerous prospective students.


At Modern Language School, we embrace and welcome children from diverse racial, religious, and national backgrounds. Families interested in enrolling their children are encouraged to schedule an appointment to meet with the Director or Principal.


Typically, admissions take place at the start of the academic year in August, though we may accommodate admissions at other times if there are available openings.


If you have any queries about eligibility, our Admissions Officer is here to assist and discuss individual circumstances with you.


Admission to our school is contingent upon seat availability and successful completion of an entry assessment in English Language and Mathematics. Following the assessment, an interview will be conducted with the parents and a senior member of the administration.


Once the admission decision is made, parents will be promptly informed, and they can collect the fee bill from the Accounts office, proceeding to deposit the amount in our designated bank.


Applicants are required to pay security, admission, and tuition fees before becoming full-time students.

The academic year at Modern Language School is divided into three terms:


  • Fall Term: August to December
  • Spring Term: January to June
  • Summer Break: Approximately 9 weeks
  • Winter Break: Approximately 2 weeks

We strive to create a nurturing environment where students can flourish academically and personally, preparing them for a successful future.

 Fee structure

For more details or queries, Please contact us on the numbers provided.